Great progress has been made in the development of ventilation pipes, and the technology is becoming increasingly perfect.

China’s economic development has entered the middle and late stages of industrialization. The traditional production mode with high energy consumption and high pollution can no longer meet the requirements of sustainable development. Energy conservation and emission reduction are the inevitable choice for China’s economic development and the original driving force for the development of competitive price circular shear. Judging from foreign experience, the government’s emphasis on environmental protection and large-scale investment generally occurred in the late stage of industrialization. At this stage, the economic development has entered a stable stage. Improving the living quality of residents and improving the environment have become the focus of social attention.

After more than 30 years of development, China’s environmental protection industry has made great progress. With the continuous strengthening of national environmental protection and the improvement of environmental protection industrial policies, China’s environmental protection industry has developed from the initial “three wastes treatment” to a relatively complete industrial system including environmental protection products, environmental infrastructure construction, environmental services, environmentally friendly products, resource recycling and other fields.
Ventilation duct is an accessory product of buildings, and few people have studied it. With the increase of the function of air duct, the ventilation duct not only has the requirement of ventilation intensity, but also has the functions of fire prevention, energy saving, environmental protection, easy cleaning, etc. The adoption of ventilation pipes in China began in the 1940s. In the textile industry, in order to improve the quality of spinning and weaving, to keep the workshop at the set temperature and humidity, the pipe conveying air at the specific temperature and temperature was called air pipe. At the earliest time, wood was used to make air ducts, and then iron sheets were used.

In the 1980s, glass fiber reinforced polyester air ducts appeared. thread rolling machine wholesaler is made of organic material and is resistant to water and gas corrosion and rust. It solves the defects of easy rust and short service life of galvanized iron sheet air duct and is widely used in textile factories.

metal cutting machine manufacturer is combustible material, once it is caught on fire due to short circuit of wires or accidental fire, the polyester air duct will be ignited and will soon spread to various workshops, causing a fire. The air quality in the building has also begun to attract more attention.